About TE

The energy industry never stands still, and neither does TE Connectivity (TE). For over 60 years, we have been innovators, supporting power generation, distribution, and transmission across a wide array of industries, applications, and harsh environments. Customers around the world rely on our engineering and materials science expertise for creating the next generation of technology and a sustainable, more productive future. With a legacy of trusted product lines, including Raychem, AXICOM, AMP, Crompton Instruments, and SIMEL, TE is a leader in energy components that protect and connect the power network. Working alongside customers in over 130 countries around the world, TE ensures that every connection counts.

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TE offers a wide range of products to connect and protect transmission and distribution networks, as well as wind and solar farms. WESCO makes sure you get those products when and where you need them.

TE for Utilities

TE is an innovator in the utility industry, delivering products for low, medium, and high voltage lines in overhead, underground, and substation applications. TE also provides industry-leading technical support, which includes training, field installation assistance, and application design recommendations. By combining local market knowledge with world-class research, product development, and manufacturing capabilities, we set high standards of product performance for maximum grid reliability.

Utility Products – Overhead, Underground, and Substation

  • Our overhead solutions, including connectors, splices, wildlife deterrents, terminations, insulators, arresters, and more, protect your transmission and distribution systems and deliver the ultimate in electrical performance and reliability for the lifetime of your assets.
  • Our Raychem splices, link boxes, and connectors are engineered with our customers’ requirements in mind, including the latest advancements in materials science, and designed for long-term underground operation, which helps utilities around the world maintain service and reliability even in the harshest environments.
  • Our vast line of substation solutions, from grounding and terminations to high voltage connectors and Wildlife and Asset Protection, connects and protects your valuable assets for a lifetime, keeping you and your customers up and running.

By uniting product lines that are globally recognized for quality and engineering excellence, we develop innovative, easy-to-install solutions to connect and protect all your overhead, underground, and substation applications.

TE Solutions for Renewables

By 2030, more than 20 percent of our global energy will rely on renewable energy sources. Solar and wind farms are leading the way in this rapidly changing industry. Success depends on reliable, high-performing connections, which is why TE Connectivity makes sure every connection counts – from early design to installation and commission, and especially during full operation. They are one partner for wind farm connections from turbine, grid, and substation to energy storage. TE also supports solar farms connections from panel to inverter and substation to energy storage with reliable plug-and-play solutions.

whitepaperdownloadCase Study: TE’s Solar Customizable Trunk Solution

Renewable Products and Solutions

  • TE's Raychem switchgear and transformer solutions offer connections that are easy to install, compact, and adaptable to most cable types, which saves installation time and costs.
  • TE's wide range of shear bolt and compression connectors fit in limited spaces thanks to their compact design, make the installation easy, and can accommodate aluminum and copper conductors with no torque maintenance required.
  • TE's SOLARLOK photovoltaic connectors are designed for easy, quick, and reliable DC Connections. They help reduce power losses thanks to their precision-engineered design. TE´s SOLARLOK 2.0 connectors reduce installation time per connection by up to 80%.
  • TE’s Raychem heat shrink and cold-applied solutions provide a reliable grid connection while protecting cables from damage and insulating your assets to prevent flashovers.
  • TE's AMP and SIMEL grounding solutions, including ground rods and exothermic connectors, help eliminate failures to ensure your wind and solar farm operate safely.

Grid Hardening and Wildfire Mitigation

Utilities worldwide are challenged with an alarming host of wildfire ignition sources ranging from power equipment failures and aging infrastructures, to electrical tracking. The resulting devastation and destruction as recently experienced in California and Australia caused catastrophic environmental damage, financial hardship and human loss.

  • There are several ways to mitigate the risk of these incidents, including wildlife management, vegetation management and grid hardening. We can help you prevent animal and vegetation induced wildfires with TE’s wide selection of insulating mitigation solutions including bushing covers, cross arm guards, overhead line covers, insulators and more.
  • We also offer a complete range of insulators and arrestors designed to protect the grids of tomorrow and strengthen them against the volatility of today's changing energy demands. We can help you identify weaknesses and decide upon the most cost-effective measures to strengthen your grid whether that means underground solutions, conductor replacement or arrestor location and more.

whitepaperdownloadCase Study: TE’s Grid Hardening and Wildfire Mitigation


Why use TE products through WESCO? You can streamline your ordering while gaining peace of mind that safety, reliability, and durability are always our top priorities. Benefit from the WESCO service you know and trust, and rely on the products from an industry-leading manufacturer known for quality and innovation.