Disinfection & Screening Solutions

Reduce pathogens and monitor elevated skin temperatures for a safer facility.


UV disinfection lighting & thermal imaging screening offers facility professionals a cost-effective way to go beyond traditional disinfecting and monitoring methods to help ensure a safer and healthier environment for all those that use their space.


Disinfection Solution Benefits:

  • Non-toxic & safe for use across many applications when used correctly
  • Helps reduce a wide range of harmful bacteria & viruses
  • Bacteria do not build immunity to UV like they can to common cleaning products
  • Fixtures can easily be added to current lighting systems
  • Fixtures are programmable to customize running times for maximum cleaning
  • Offers affordable & reliable options to meet any budget & space requirements

Screening Solution Benefits:

  • Allows for safe thermal readings from a distance with less risk of exposure
  • Screens for elevated skin temperatures
  • Easy to implement into existing protocols
  • Provides an extra layer of safety and security to help minimize potential risk at your facility
  • Serves as an effective initial phase before secondary screening and evaluation.



Office and Residential Buildings & Lobbies


Public Transportation




Retail & Hospitality


Recreation & Wellness




Healthcare & Extended Care


Warehousing & Manufacturing


UV Disinfection Lighting

UV disinfection lighting provides a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe disinfection option effective at reducing a wide array of harmful pathogens.

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Thermal Imaging Screening

Thermal imaging devices offer a safe option to screen and monitor elevated skin temperatures from a distance with less risk of exposure.

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What is UV Disinfection?

Read our latest blog to understand how to leverage UV disinfection to safely operate your facility.

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None of these manufacturers or products claim the ability to identify or diagnose coronavirus or any other illness/disease, nor should they be used for medical purposes. One of the purposes is to show temperature fluctuations in relation to others within the sample population of coverage. Elevated body temperatures should be confirmed with secondary evaluation methods, such as medical-grade contact thermometers. Public health officials should determine the significance of any fever or elevated temperature. WESCO and its supplier partners acknowledge that it is not possible to thermally exclude or detect an individual infected with coronavirus or experiencing coronavirus symptoms, or any other disease or illness. It is solely the responsibility of the end-user to comply with any and all privacy rules, laws, or regulations associated with the taking of temperatures of employees and individuals.