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An LED Upgrade for a University Hospital Brings to Light Savings of $1.4M


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A Growing University Hospital Had High Energy Costs

A private health sciences university in Philadelphia faced energy efficiency challenges across its campus due to aging infrastructure. Also, the university hospital needed better lighting to provide a brighter environment for all its staff and patients.

An Audit Exposed Outdated Lighting and a Modern Solution

An energy assessment across more than two million square feet of occupancy areas revealed outdated lighting as a source of high energy and maintenance costs. An LED solution delivered cost savings and higher quality lighting.

Upgrading LED Lighting Improved Energy Efficiency

The lighting analysis and subsequent upgrade to a state-of-the art LED lighting system:

  • Increased energy capacity with the installation of more than 30,000 LED tubes
  • Improved energy reliability and control with more than 2,000 sensors
  • Cut energy, operational, and maintenance costs for annual savings of $1,410,805
  • Reduced the university’s carbon footprint by removing over 9,000 tons of CO2

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