Job Site Management Meets Demanding Deadlines and Saves Automation Company Over $280,000

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A Material Handling and Automation Company Faces Preexisting Challenges

Working with online and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to design and build conveyor systems for its new distribution centers, an automation company quickly identified that they had preexisting challenges to overcome.

Tasked with fast-paced construction schedules, demanding deadlines, and significant financial penalties, the company acknowledged the need for a material management solution.

The Result: A One-of-a-Kind Material Management Solution

WESCO worked with the automation company to develop a customized material management solution by identifying areas of waste in the company’s current process.

With the implementation of their custom-made solution, the projects were completed within the preset deadlines and with additional costs savings, including:

  • Material savings: over $100,000
  • Transactional savings: over $6,500
  • Labor savings: over $175,000
  • Total achieved savings: over $280,000

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